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 "Hello, I'm Denise Benz and I'm known in the business world as a consultant and strategist.
I've worked with celebrity clients, growing entrepreneurs, and non-profits.

As a business consultant, I help organizations improve performance and efficiency. I analyze businesses and create solutions to help them meet their financial goals. What I've learned in the last 7 years is that whether I'm working with an individual like a celebrity or a company with several offices they all want help with the same 3 things. Those three things have become the cornerstone of what we do.

OUR 3 E'

Establish  We help clients establish and identify the true brand for their product, service or company even if the brand is a "personal brand".

Enhance - We help enhance the public image so that it reflects the right visual message. 

Expand - The PR Firm helps brands by creating a consistent balance of verbal, written and visual communication tools to effectively speak to the market they want to reach. 
I have been in business for more than 10  years now and have a reputation for offering a highly personalized and dedicated service. I place great emphasis on building strong client relationships and tailoring my approach to meet each individual client’s needs and delivering on time and budget.

I guess now would be a good time to tell you, The PR Firm actually stands for, "The Personal Relationship Firm".  The basis of the PR Firm was to build a company on the foundation of creating relationships. I believe in old fashion business where people actually knew clients by name and not by account number. 

Whether I'm brought on as a consultant to help companies reduce cost and run more efficiently or if they just need help identifying new revenue streams I love that I  get to call it work when the truth is it's  simply my passion.  

If you need help establishing, enhancing or expanding give us a try. 
Please get in touch to find out more and to arrange a meeting."
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