1. Coach Reggie Mckiver
    Coach Reggie Mckiver
    Complete Branding Project included: Consulting, branding, website redesign and launch
  2. Lionberger Chiropractic
    Lionberger Chiropractic
    Website redesign and launch Consulting
  3. Relationship Expert Dr Kim
    Relationship Expert Dr Kim
    Overall Brand management Website redesign and launch Product development and design
  4. Artist & Producer Chris Swann
    Artist & Producer Chris Swann
    Website redesign and launch
  5. Makeup Artist & Beauty Expert
    Makeup Artist & Beauty Expert
    Complete Branding Project included: Website redesign and launch
  6. Actress Kim Coles
    Actress Kim Coles
    Complete Branding Project included: Consulting, branding, marketing, website, business identity package and more.
  7. Master Stylist Diva Rai
    Master Stylist Diva Rai
    Complete website redesign and launch
  8. Christmas 365 Foundation
    Christmas 365 Foundation
    Website redesign and launch
  9. A List Production
    A List Production
    Website redesign and launch
  10. Actress Yvette Nicole Brown
    Actress Yvette Nicole Brown
    Website redesign and launch
  11. Attorney Marc Geffen
    Attorney Marc Geffen
    Website redesign and launch
  12. Randy The IT Guy
    Randy The IT Guy
    Website redesign and launch Collateral, logo design
  13. Jes Taxes
    Jes Taxes
    Complete Brand Management Website redesign and launch Marketing material, consulting, logo design, collateral, social media
  14. Felicia Leatherwood
    Felicia Leatherwood
    Website redesign
  15. The Magic Alliance DJ's
    The Magic Alliance DJ's
    Website Development
  16. Patrice Morris
    Patrice Morris
    Artist Patrice Morris of the 5th Dimension
  17. Robinson Family Childcare
    Robinson Family Childcare
    Robinson Family Childcare
  18. Tayari Media Group
    Tayari Media Group
    Tayari Media Group
  19. KKSDJazz Online
    KKSDJazz Online
    KKSDJazz Online
  20. Boujee BBQ
    Boujee BBQ
    Complete Brand Conception
  21. KBLK Radio
    KBLK Radio
  22. Denise Benz
    Denise Benz
    Overall Brand Development
  23. ACAR
    Complete website design and rebrand
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